Raphaël Fischer-Dieskau’s photography is driven by the question of „conditio humana“, as well as the search for new depiction possibilities to extend the medium of photography. That for, Fischer-Dieskau isn’t only working with a new understanding of light and breaking with the rules of perspective since Renaissance, but also with new technologies such as 3 dimensional scans and prints or volumetric displays, incorporating photography into space and time.


Raphaël Fischer-Dieskau was born in 1993. He grew up in Paris, where he studied violoncello at the Conservatoire National de Région de Paris. With 15 he graduated there with a first prize. In 2008, Fischer-Dieskau moved to Berlin to continue studying at the University of the Arts. There, he discovered his love for photography, and soon he would stop the music for this media. At 19, Raphaël Fischer-Dieskau worked a Year for the Artist Olafur Eliasson at his Berliner Studio, where he layed the foundations for his future work. He studied photographic design at the Lette Verein Berlin. Currently, Raphaël Fischer-Dieskau lives and works in Berlin.



past:         "staatlich geprüft", Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, 24.06. - 01.07. 2017

                 "Glance vs Gaze #02", European month of photography, Studio 1, Berlin, 2016

                 "the new colorfulness of vision", Horizonte Zingst, Panzerhalle, 2016 / Galerie Inkubator, Pilzen, 2017

                 "photographic centipede", Povvera, Berlin, 2016

                 "IV. Inspirationen zu Ch. M.", Christian Morgenstern Museum, Werder, 2014

                 "8. Portraitfotoschau Deutschlands", Landtag Dresden, 2012